Tobago is a small Island located some 35km (21m) from it's larger sister Island, Trinidad. Tobago appeared as a volcanic Island thousands of years ago whereas Trinidad was originally part of the South American continent. Geographic co-ordinates are 11degrees North and Longitute 60 degrees West. Tobago's climate is pleasant all year round, It is normally cooler than Trinidad due to the more frequent North-East winds. June to September are commonly the wetter months. Tobago's topography is rugged with low mountains to the North East and rather flatter to the South West, it is circa 300sq km. The Airport (ANR Robinson International) is situated in the South West corner and is a drive of approximately 15mins.

There are Many Beaches, Pigeon Point (small entrance fee) The Grange, Mount Irvine and, Stonehaven. Travel the North coast to such gems a Castara and Parletuvier or, on to Charlotteville, Speyside and Blue Waters Inn. Pigeon point is particularly recommended if you have small children as the water is quite shallow, make a day of it as you can also take a boat trip from the jetty to Buccoo Reef and/or relax on the beautiful beach with a good book. Driving is on the laft as in UK but you need to be 25 to rent a vehicle but it is recommended as there is a lot to explore. If you are not too exhausted there is always Sunday School at Buccoo on Sunday nights where things run very late! If you are a golfer there are two Golf courses, the first at the Mount Irvine golf club which is local and a second at the Magdalena Grand, Lowlands. An early start is a good idea if you want to avoid the higher temperatures later.